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Sep. 14th, 2007

Very weird stuff.  LJ refusing to post my messages and my email responses to discussions on the OWW list aren't showing up.  I'm getting a bit frustrated with that glitch on the list and am thinking of unsubscribing as this has happened once before.  Probably Yahoo gobbles up my email or something like that...anyway, it's total weirdness. 

Anyway here's what LJ didn't post yesterday:

 I have managed to tame the beast somewhat and I think it's coming out at 4,200 words or thereabouts.  Still under the word limit, thank goodness.  

Taking Sam's advice, I'm putting the story aside for tonight.  Won't send it off until tomorrow night when I've had a chance to reflect and ruminate on whatever still needs changing...although as it is right now, with the ending changed and bits eliminated or inserted, I think that's about as good as it gets in the time I've got.  

I'm taking out long neglected stories and going to work on that.  Looking back, I realize I've changed as a writer.  While I'm quite proud of a good number of the stories I've produced and had published in the past two years, I have to say looking back I think I've really improved and grown a lot as a writer. So, does this mean I've gotten past the sucky half million words and am now entering the final half before I've written my sucky million words?  I've heard it said that after the first million words, your prose starts to shine <g>.  I'm wondering if that means my prose didn't shine before?  Or if they did much shinier will the prose be?  Does this mean less rewriting?  Do I somehow hit a magical number of words where I don't need to rewrite at all but the words just glide off my brain onto the page and presto...every pro mag wants to buy ? (I wish)

My sister, after reading 59 Beads told me it made her think of the Overseas Migrant Worker situation in the PH.  After reading through this, I'm thinking of how this story reminds me of all those stories I've got in my file that I really need to either rewrite or discard.  Renovations and the scrapheap pushing through into real life <g>.  


Aha! Figured out what it was.  Turns out all the other entries were posted in that could happen, I don't know but staring at the dates I found myself thinking deja vu...just like when Haruah went down and I found myself wondering whether I'd been transported in time somehow.  He, he. 


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