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more delayed linkage

I am so guilty of falling behind. But I simply have to share this link to the Shared Worlds Critters Map which includes the Uk-uk Pra. I just love the Pra and am so delighted I could share this entry.

Thanks to the amazing Jeff VanderMeer for thinking of me for this project and to the delightful Therese Goulding who collected all the critters. I hope to someday meet this lady in person. The email exchanges were brief, but it was like e-meeting a kindred spirit. :)

And while I'm at sharing delayed linkage, I should share this link to an interview that I did for Alternative Alamat with Paolo Chikiamco. I haven't done lots of interviews, but it was fun to talk about Harinuo's Love Song and how the story came into being.

Oh...and finally: I believe we are now close to the final days for application to the next Clarion West Workshop. What can I say? Each year, I wish I could go again.

Clarion West changed my life and my writing in so many ways. It's not just the sense of community and of being connected. I think the Clarion Workshops hones the writer's inner eye so we are able to see the work more clearly. It does take time to absorb and internalize the lessons learned at Clarion West, and it certainly isn't easy to give up six weeks of time plus a huge chunk of cash to get there, but it is all certainly worth it.


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