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on revisions

wordyk   talks about her process of revision.  This made me reflect on my own process of revision and how I've started counting the number of drafts a story goes through before I feel it's ready for public viewing. 

Organizing files, I realized that for every story I write, there are about six or seven drafts before I get around to posting it or even thinking of submitting it anywhere.  It is quite uncommon for me to post something in first draft form...but I did it quite recently.  Blue Goddess is posted up on the shop and it's very, very rough.  What I found useful about this exercise though is that I now know which parts work and which ones don't.  So maybe I should do this more.  

Back in 2006, I discovered a site used by other poets where they fed a piece of prose into it, and the machine did the cutting and pasting and the work would come out as something totally different.  This resulted in some surprising combinations.  When I went to work on Blue Goddess, I took an existing story and fed it to my mental wrangler.  In a sense, it was snip, snip, snip and combining together the elements which I thought made for a more fun story than the original totally sober, grounded in reality, fantasy.  So, Blue Goddess is still quite rough, but I like the way those non-sober elements are interacting with each other.  

I find myself wondering what other methods writers use to turn a piece that's grown old/tired into something fresh and new.

I'm off to copy and paste comments and save to file. I'll do some reflecting while cooking dinner and hopefully get some writing time squeezed in after the baby's in bed.


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