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Jun. 5th, 2008

I've been working on this story that I'd sent in to GUD (that was a month or so ago) and which got me an email response that said they'd be willing to look at it again if I reworked it.  I've tried to deal with some of the issues but I'm not sure if I've dealt with them as the letter suggests.  I don't want to force this story on my regular readers as I bet you're sick and tired of reading my stuff (kidding)  but I'd love to have someone look at the story with fresh eyes and tell me if I need to forget about sending it back to GUD. 

I've also gone ahead and done some rewriting on I Can Be A Rock Star which is out there in the ether right now. I kept on thinking of that story and what bugged me was that I'd sent it out and I had rewrite stuff inside my head. So, I rewrote anyway, and if anything the story's now got lots more juicy/gory stuff. 

I'm also working on an experimental hay(na)ku serial story.  It's quite fun actually. I wrote the first 1000 words to it yesterday.  The first chapter meanders and doesn't end very happy...but chapter two...boy...I think chapter two is a blast. 

I've posted the first two installments on my chiepublication blog.  It's still poetry, but at the same time, I'm wondering where story and poem cross lines...

I'm quite excited about this experiment.  Have actually got a theme song to go with Alternate Girl. It's inside my head, of course, but I just might put it to music one of these days. 

I've got to sit down and rewrite a bunch of stories from the flashes I did early this year.  Samuel's not too happy about being left alone for long, so I've got to end here. Will check the friendslist later. Take care, you all.  


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