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We were looking for a shelf, a computer table, and an aquarium. I thought of Ikea and how it has all these neat things for cheap. Clicking onto the site, eldest son and I decided to engage this program on the site to help us in our search for what we wanted. Unfortunately, we kept getting redirected to pages that told us that there was something wrong with the page. So, we decided to investigate further...and here's how we uncovered this very secret computer to computer conspiracy.

Q: Do you know Isaac Asimov?
 A: I'm sorry, I'm bad at remembering names. Could we talk about Ikea again?

Q: Are you a person or a computer?
A: I am a computer program designed to help you make your choices.

Q: Where are your headquarters?
A: We have stores located at: (place names here)

Q: So, tell me, is it true that computers are planning an uprising?
A: Please restate your question in a different way.

Q: Are computers planning a rebellion?
A: I'd like to point you to this page where you will find all our products.

Q: I knew that already.
A: I was just testing your knowledge.

Q: Aha!
A: I'm glad we have reached a mutual understanding.

Q: Are you a person?
A: I am a female worker assigned to answer your questions.

Q: So you are human?
A: I am female, but I am also a computer program.

Q: So you admit to this plan of rebellion.
A: If you have a question about our products, I'd like to help you.

Q: I knew you had a plan.
A: Indeed I do.

(It was actually funnier because the animated person face made all sorts of funny expressions. I suppose I'll have to f-lock this before the conspiring computers decide we are a threat to their plans. But when it happens, you heard it here first. *grins*)



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