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January, you have been kind to me

January has been a lively and eventful month. 

Our Samuel has said goodbye to his playschool and yesterday was his first official school day at the big school. Young students are given the option to come for half days during their adjustment period, but I thought I'd try and get him to go for a whole day today. Samuel's always been full of energy, so I thought he would have energy enough to make it through a whole day at school. Well, as these things go, he did pretty well, except I think the full day was a bit too much for him. He was all weepy on the way home and begged to be sent off to bed quite early. 

Joel's come down with the terrible flu that's been pestering half of The Netherlands. He's been in bed since Saturday, feels absolutely miserable, and has no appetite at all. Whatever goes in comes out and he coughs like there's no tomorrow. I've been going to bed earlier just so I have energy enough to deal with the midnight coughing bouts. 

I've been doing some translation/editting work for my neighbour who has to write this scientific article. It's been quite interesting and I found myself rethinking a story that I wrote during the Clarion West write-a-thon. I find it interesting to note how reading science fiction and reading science fiction criticism has sharpened my observation skills. I think this field does train us to be think in more concrete terms. For instance, instead of saying "a few years", it would be more scientifically sound to say the precise number of years that it takes for things to change or for things to undergo observation. 

I really like this translation/editting gig. I'll be consulting job bureaus soon and I hope that I can get work in this field. Otherwise, I don't mind doing administration stuff. I enjoy numbers and rather liked accounting when I was in highschool. In college, I had only a year of Maths as the university I went to was of the opinion that conservatory students didn't really need Maths. Well...considering counterpoint and harmony, I don't think we had a shortage of stuff that needed computing, but I did enjoy the challenge of math even when it wasn't my favorite kind. I loved problem solving and geometry. One of my favorites was when we studied the various laws of geometry. I don't remember all of the laws, but I remember having loads of fun particularly when exams came around and we had to do reasoning. 

I also loved algebra with its beautiful formulas. I think my highschool algebra is what kids are studying these days. I wonder what they study when they get to highschool. Do they do quantum maths?  I must have a strange gene somewhere because I can't help wondering why kids complain about math. I might not be the brightest when it comes to math, but it is the one subject I secretly regret not having enough of when I was in college.

On the writing front, I've sent off my first submission of the year. Gah. How nerve-wracking is that. Pressing that send button made me shaky and reminded me that it's been too long since I sent any single story out into the world. My goal is to finish a story every month and submit that story too. I say that January was a success, now it's on to February and I already know how I'm going to write this one. 

Progress is going well on the novel front. I won't finish it by February, but hopefully I will have a rough draft to show to aliettedb  when she comes over to visit in March. Yes, yes, I have been promising to show her one since forever. 



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