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Well yes. I am happy because I finally got a replacement for my broken laptop. The shop phoned last week to tell me it was beyond repair and I could come in and pick out a new one. So, they showed us a whole bunch of laptops which qualified as replacements for my poor broken pet.

I had been secretly wishing that they'd had a fresh arrival of IBM thinkpads, but no such luck. And as I'm unwilling to wait who knows how long until they get a fresh shipment, I settled for the Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook. I would have liked something more compact, but I don't think a netbook is what I want for my daily writing (I do want one and will have to connive to get one because hubby doesn't understand why I feel I need one).  The screen display on this baby is quite gorgeous. It's got a bigger screen, which probably means it will be heavier on the carry, but hey...I am taking Body Pump lessons and have four kilos on my bar right now. In the few months before May (when I get to travel with this laptop for the first time) I should be able to lift that with no problemo.

The thing I like: I've let myself be told that the battery life goes for about 3 to 4 hours. Which is more than twice the life of my old one. I also like the wide screen which is easy on the eyes...and love the silvery sheen on it. More than all that, I love that I finally have my own personal computer to tap away on in the spare hour when the toddler is watching Teletubbies and Thomas the Train. 


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