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Feb. 3rd, 2008

Wheee... I flashed at Liberty Hall again. I sent Hubby and Eldest son off for an afternoon bonding session, tucked Samuel in bed, and speed-wrote.  There were interruptions, the phone rang, someone wanted someone else's address...and right in the middle of the story, I decided to stand up and relocate the newspaper basket (don't ask me why).  I remembered I was writing under time, went back to speed-writing, and I think I made it in time. 

Anyway, it was fun. 

This far, I haven't yet won anything for the flash challenges. Which isn't a bad thing because to me the objective of the exercise is to get the idea down, to write a story within the time-frame and to see whether the idea works or not.  I find it interesting how these challenges work. 

So, I won't say what the story is about, but it was fun to write *grins hugely*.  It's related to the trigger by a slim thread, but the connection to the trigger is there, and this was partially influenced by

marshall_payne, and partly inspired by reading something on ldragoons journal, the trigger helped pull that all together into a cohesive structure which is one of the wackiest things I've written so far. 


I'm remembering an article I read sometime ago wherein the author speaks of how women are particularly creative at a certain time of month.  I don't remember exactly when we are at our most creative, but I do know that when that wave hits , I want to ride it out for all its worth. If I remember correctly, there's a simmer for about a week and a half before the next wave comes up again. 

I've decided to keep a date record of when I wrote what story. It will be interesting to observe the pattern of the creativity wave. 

Of course, I could be creating my own myths right here.  He, he. 

Mar. 26th, 2007

Woke up with a runny nose, a sore throat, and an irritating cough. Decided to check my email. 

Sad to say, after much deliberation we've decided to pass on this story.  It was a near miss but ultimately isn't quite right for us.  

Ah! Rats!  And that after making it past the slush heap! (insert frustrated look here)

That makes a total of three rejections since I started this journal.  


I signed up for Liberty Hall yesterday, and wrote my first piece of fiction since Samuel was born.  It's not brilliant, and it's really flash (under 500 words).  I thought it was great fun and it was quite a surprise to discover I can still produce fiction.  I did have to finish in a rush as towards the end, Samuel woke up wanting his milk.  

Heh!  I thought it was really funny as I was so into finishing that flash, I'd missed the normal restless signals that indicate hunger.  Well, at least he got to exercise his lungs some...



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