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Aug. 18th, 2007

Thanks to editors Corey and Rachael of The Orange Room Review.  My poem:  Estol, the Hunchback, will be appearing in their October Issue.

Posted mp3 downloads of the Mary DeMuth interview over at my other blog.  Managed to edit out the majority of bloopers and giggles, but I still have a couple of "ah" and "um" moments.  I am thinking of making this a regular thing.  

For the first time, I realized those sitemeter stats tell me how many visits the blog has had per week.  Yes, I knew that, but I sort of forgot about it and the numbers just did not register.

Curious, this blogging thing. 

Received the proof with edits from pieces which will be included in the book OMF Lit plans to release in October.

Writing lotsa poetry coz that seems to be the most I can do on the energy that's left over by the end of the day.

And got the copy of IZ211 which I'd ordered via BBR.  I am quite curious about the soon to be released first issue of Black Static.  There's quite a buzz on the ttapress forum, and I find myself wondering how I can squeeze another subscription into my monthly budget.  (Magic husband calls it...don't I wish).

Haven't had any proper time to really read through the Interzone mag, but I loved Michael Moorcock's piece on Maeve and Mervyn Peake, his descriptions so reminded me of Gormenghast. 

Looking forward to reading this edition at leisure. 

A quick post


Stayed up with Joel Jan 'til two in the morning to watch for the perseid meteor showers.   Hubby had to be in church this a.m., so he went to bed after seeing a couple of meteors zip by.  Eldest son and I stayed in the garden, huddled together for warmth while we counted "shooting stars" and made wishes.  

Today, I signed up for the Interzone forum.  I just finished reading IZ208 (yes, I am that behind) which turned out to be the last issue of my subscription to Interzone. I'll blog more on IZ208 when I have more time.  On to the hows of my subscription lapsing....I kept waiting for the mag to show up through the letter slot...then I remembered, I'd forgotten to renew the subscription due to all those raging forgetfulness hormones.  After searching desperately for that shop where I used to buy back issues of Interzone, I decided to sign up on the tta forum to ask for the address....the funny thing is, I was rummaging through a cupboard and found an old envelope with the BBR stamp on it.  So, I went and ordered IZ211 which has Deer Flight in it.  Deer Flight was written by

aliettedb.  Added to that IZ211 is a Michael Moorcock issue, and I thought it would be interesting to read as he's written something about Mervyn Peake who wrote the Gormenghast Trilogy.  I have all three books in my growing library. About a year ago, I met Mervyn Peake's son, Sebastian, when he gave a talk during the Amsterdam Literary Festival.  It was so fascinating listening to him talk about his father, and I remember reading the old Alice in Wonderland book with illustrations by Mervyn Peake.  What an incredibly gifted man (Mervyn Peake...Sebastian is fantastic too...a wonderful guy to talk to, absolutely charming).  Anyway, about Mervyn Peake,  I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Gormenghast is a great trilogy.  Here's a Dutch site with links to Mervyn Peake and other interesting stuff.  I think most of the links point to sites in the English language. 

I shall also probably end up ordering a back issue of IZ 210 before I think of renewing my subscription.  IZ 210 lists a line-up of writers whose work I enjoy reading.  But I have to work through reading stuff one at a time.  Time is something I don't have much of these days. they say in my home country. 

On my Map of Memories blog, I'll be blogging about Mary E. DeMuth's, "Authentic Parenting in a PostModern Culture".  I'll be posting on there sometime tomorrow.  Yes, breaking the silence and making time because I believe this has got to be one of the best books on parenting that I've read in a long time. 

'Nuff said.  Got work to do.



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