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motherhood and the writing life

When I was pregnant with Samuel, I couldn't visualize living through another period without writing. But Samuel is a restful baby. He has a regular rhythm of drinking, waking and playing, and sleeping. All in all, now that I've got that rhythm sort of pegged and have adjusted to life with a baby, I'm discovering that I do have time in-between naps to sit down and write. Er-um, well, I do have to sort things out in the house area, but I think short writing periods are essential to my mental wellbeing.

Still haven't been doing much writing except for this story I'm working on with Joel Jan (my firstborn). Sometime last year, Joel created this world he calls "The Rainbow Land". 

He has an entry on his Mooie Woorden Blog where Rainbow Land first comes into being.

Since then, he's been telling stories about that land, and with the birth of Samuel, he decided nothing would do except an epic tale.  So, we're collaborating on this story entitled "The War in Rainbow Land".  It's in Dutch which is good for my language practice.  I did find myself quite amazed at how he created quite a good entry hook for this story. 

Here's the hook:

Vijftig jaren gingen voorbij en er was nog steeds gevochten met grote voertuigen. Er waren ook grote 747s met een catapult marach (dat is een hele grote bomb), en toen moesten Joel en Samuel de Regenboog portalen weer beschermen.  Het was niet verstandig om gelijk de strijd tegen grote 747s aan te gaan.  Ze moesten dus naar de Regenboog Tempel waar de Regenboog Crystal was.  

Fifty years passed and still the battle against great vehicles continued.  There were huge 747s with a catapult marach (that is an extremely big bomb), and Joel and Samuel had to protect the Rainbow Ports once again.  It was not wise to engage the 747s in battle.  So, the two brothers had to go to the Rainbow Temple where the Rainbow Crystal was. 

It sounds lots better in Dutch. Which pinpoints my problem with translations.  Something always gets lost in translation, unless the translator is an extremely gifted person. 

Our collective word count has passed the thousand word mark and this story looks really interesting.  When it's done, we might look into sending it somewhere.  I think the writing bug bit Joel too.  It's nice to have another writer in the family.  Even if he's only seven years old, our brains are on the same wavelengths.  And he likes science fiction and fantasy too.  How cool is that? 



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