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Valentine's Day

 It's Valentine's Day and I celebrate book love. 

I've finished reading J.G. Ballard's "Highrise" and am reading William Gibson's "Neuromancer". 

I was quite fascinated by Highrise. It's a book that isn't over when you're done reading it. Even now, I still keep thinking about it and making comparisons with life as it is and life in the Highrise.  

Neuromancer was a book recommended by one of my CW classmates. I see why he recommended it. I love the rhythm of the language in Neuromancer, the world is fascinating. Reading Neuromancer makes me itch to work on my own fiction. I understand now why I've been having problems with Praying for Pedestrians and I think I know how I can go about fixing it. 

As I recall, the majority of comments on PforP was to change the pov. While I acknowledged that, I couldn't seem to move forwards and couldn't seem to find a way to break out of first person into third. Now, I feel like I can do it.  

I've only made one submission this year, but I am aiming to make another one before the end of February. 

For Valentine's Day, I got myself a cd called Owl City. I like the mellow sound. What convinced me to buy the has a song about Seattle <g>. I wish to go back and visit again someday.

Happy Valentine's Day to all. I'm all laid-back and quiet inside today. Will be making sushi later...ha, ha. Making sushi...eating sushi always reminds me of Seattle and CW 2009. I miss you guys. 


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