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Six Events...

I was very nervous when I sent off "Six Events in a Love Story" to Byzarium.  It was through Byzarium's flash fiction contest that I came to know of the painter, Remedios Varo, and it was a Varo painting that inspired "Six Events".  So, speaking from the "feeling" place, it felt right to send the story to the magazine that introduced me to an artist whose work I love. 

Isn't it funny how we check email constantly when we're looking for a response from someone whose opinion counts?  

This morning, the email arrived from Byzarium's, Leigh Dragoon. I confess to being afraid of clicking on the email for fear she'd hated the story...but here's what she said :)

Dear R.C.

HELL YES, I WILL TAKE IT!  Beautiful, beautiful story.  How's placing it in the October issue sound?  I'm so glad you were inspired to check out more of Remedios's paintings.  I love her work.
- Leigh

 Picture me...suddenly all smiles.  Picture me, jumping up and down with joy.  Picture me, running up the stairs to inform all of my startled boys that Leigh Dragoon wants to publish my story :)  


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