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I do read your blogs, you know.  I get these handy little reminders from lj that tell me whenever something new is posted, and the first opportunity I get, I sit down and surf right over.  

Anyway, right after reading

j_cheney's lj, I got to thinking about my own process. I probably should start doing the clippings and stuff like that to help me in my writing process, but I confess to not doing this. I must confess that this is the first time that I'm consciously thinking of how I create characters and places and all these things that go on in the stories I write. 

Recently though, I've taken to cutting out clippings of articles in the paper that do attract my interest.  A while back, I wrote this story I called, The I-Walk.  It's still waiting for revisions, but this story was inspired by one christmas visit to the Gerbrandy tower in Ijsselstein.  I-Walk is one of those stories I really want to get around to rewriting and sending off as I think it's one of the best things I've come up with so far.  In any case, the tower was off the air for sometime as communications turned digital, but recently, a new antennae was placed on the top of the tower.  There was a slew of articles on this event, and I managed to cut out a good number of clippings which I'm hanging onto and which I do plan to stick up on my computer screen when I finally get around to reworking the I-Walk.  

I think there is something to be said about keeping an idea folder and keeping clippings...although I shall probably never be as organized as other writers. For one, I doubt I'll be able to keep files/folders of characters/places/buildings/cars for each story...*sigh*.  I confess to thinking best in the midst of chaos.  Ha, ha.   

Funny isn't it?  



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