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Here's a project that deserves whole-hearted support and I'm not saying this just because I am a VanderMeer fan. Jeff and Ann VanderMeer are putting together Leviathan 5 and it promises to be awesome.  More details on this project are posted over at Ecstatic Days

If you haven't read The Third Bear collection yet, if you haven't read Jeff VanderMeer, now is a wonderful time to start. 

Largehearted Boy has posted a music feature about Jeff VanderMeer’s 2010 collection The Third Bear, including an exclusive free PDF of the only original story in the collection, “The Quickening” (2010). The Third Bear has been one of the best-reviewed collections of 2010, with starred reviews in Publishers Weekly and Library Journal, among others. It was blurbed by Junot Diaz and Mike Mignola.

Music feature:

“The Quickening” PDF link:

GeekDad link to the e-bear free PDF book of appreciations of stories from the collection:

All royalties received from The Third Bear will go to supporting the translation component of the Leviathan 5 anthology project:


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