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The kids will be going back to school tomorrow. I kind of feel guilty about feeling happy about it, but it has been a bit draining. We didn't go away for vacation as we are going to the Philippines in a month and that is one expensive trip already.

Shopping needs to get done and passports need to be applied for. I don't know if the kids need extra immunization. We shall see.

I've been working away at the novel and am now happy with the opening and am moving onwards. Wordage is coming along.

I had this weird/funny dream last night. Kind of like a down the rabbit hole kind of dream. It was weird and amazing and I didn't want it to end, but then morning always comes and ruins those kinds of now, I will just have to guess at the ending and imagine up the rest of the implied intrigue. It was quite a fun dream too.

Anyway, in the past month, a lot of good things happened. I got to meet Ann and Jeff VanderMeer while they were in Amsterdam. It was a lovely meeting and I feel really lucky to have met two of my favorite people in the world of sf&f.

I also went to Eastercon where I met lots of wonderful and inspiring authors. I did my first panel ever, and found it be nerve-wracking as well as invigorating. I did have an odd moment where I realized I'd forgotten what it was I was talking about. Darned rambling and nerves. But that seemed to go well too. At least, I didn't ramble on endlessly about nonsense. (I think.)

It was very pleasing to be present during the BSFA awards. It was a joy to see aliettedb  receive her award for her short story. I respect Aliette a lot. She's got this amazing energy and how she manages to be so prolific when she's got a fulltime day job says a lot about how hard she works at what she does. Sitting in at her reading, I found myself thinking of how she continues to evolve and becomes even better all the time. I still have a sneaking fondness for the first story I read off of her, but her stuff just keeps getting better. It's hard to pick favorites nowadays.

I am reading Lightborn by triciasullivan . It's quite an amazing novel. I think it's a testimony to an author's mastery when the author is able to convince the reader to trust themselves to the author. I like what I've read so far and I've made this resolve to read more novels written by women in the science fiction genre. I am reminded yet again of how woefully behind I am when it comes to reading. There is a lot of good stuff out there and an awful lot of amazing women writers.

Thinking about how people define science fiction as being idea-driven, from the perspective of a reader, I can only say that if we really want to engage our readers, we need to create characters who engage those ideas in a way that engages the reader as well. Sounds convoluted, but without engaging characters, no matter how fascinating the idea is, the story is just a detached collection of words.

I'm still woefully slow with the reading and have only gotten to the fifth chapter of Lightborn, so will write more about it when I finally get done.

Today is supposed to be Mother's day, but I feel so woefully unmotherly at the moment. It's kind of strange. I guess, I am feeling the pinch and needing to really go home and see my own mother. I've been trying to call home all day without any luck at all. :(


Mar. 23rd, 2011


--Did a presentation and demonstration of the Ifugao Dance at our local cultural center which resulted in me getting invited somewhere else to present the same Ifugao Dance. 
--Completed translation work (well it was completed before all hell broke loose, thank god.) 
--My dear friend, Aliette (aliettedb ) came over for a weekend visit in which we did quick visits to Gouda and Leiden and talked about a lot of stuff including a story we plan to collaborate on. 

--I learned that beverages should really, really be kept out of the neighbourhood of my laptop. I think this is the third time it's gone through a drenching. Rescuing the keyboard turned out to be a challenge, but I am now typing good letters instead of getting zzz's when I mean to type an 'a'.

--Thankfully, the laptop recovered on time for me to pick up edits for a story I am working on and for me to find an email in my box that reduced me to incoherence. 
--The incoherence being the result of two emails: one from Shawna and one from Doug telling me that "Return to Paraiso" has been accepted for publication. My first sale in 2011 and it's to Realms of Fantasy. I almost mixed-up that sentence. I  guess a part of me still thinks I'm dreaming: *goes to check email*. Nope, I'm not dreaming. 
--Found out that my father has posted about my need to go on a diet on my facebook wall. How much more public can it get? *sighs*  Maybe I should just have myself renovated. I mean, having people take chunks of flesh out of my body would certainly be an entirely new hands-on way of doing research. Lolz.
Books I read while not online:

--When Britain Ruled the Philippines by Shirley Fish
--Drumming at the Edge of Magic, Mickey Hart with Jay Stevens
--Ooku: the inner chambers by Yoshinaga Fumi (volumes one and three as volume two hasn't arrived yet)
(intermittent reviews will follow)
--Way of the Ancient Healer by Virgil Mayor Apostol 
--Finch by Jeff VanderMeer 

And because I had lots of time to think, I will post an essay sometime this week.
The hubby asks me if I don't get confused when I work on several stories at the same time. Actually, I don't. For one, the first story simply needs to be editted, the second one needs a quick rewrite and the third one is the story I am working on right now. Also, I  paused work on my Diego Silang story because I needed to finish reading about the two year British occupation of the Philippines before I could go on. 
What I am thinking of today: How understanding history, the dynamics of power, and that thing that leads to the colonial mindset are essential in the journey towards becoming the writer you want to be.



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