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Interzone has accepted "Alternate Girl's Expatriate Life" for publication. I don't think I'll ever be blase about acceptances. Such news always makes me happy. 'All right, I confess. I screamed and did the happy dance. Alternate Girl was born out of my reflections on expatriate life and what it means to be "the other" and I'm pleased that it has found a good home.

I also received an email request for permission to translate "Teaching a Pink Elephant to Ski" into Persian. It was a lovely email and made me feel very happy indeed. The Pink Elephant story was born in one of those rare moments of mad humor...well...mad humor and elephants tramping around inside my head insisting that I should write their story. Try sleeping with demanding elephants and you will understand how I had no choice but to write the story.

Even when I'm old and gray, I'll still remember The Pink Elephant Story with fondness. Not only was it born as a result of Villa Diodati 3,  it was also my first professional publication.


I'll be heading off for a weekend of reading, criticquing and writing at Villa Diodati. This year, we'll be meeting in Holland. There's a lot to celebrate this year, and I'm looking forward too to days of thinking of nothing except the words. Yay!

In writing news, Apex Magazine has accepted my short story, 59 Beads, for publication. Thanks to everyone who read this story and believed in it. This will be my third pro-publication and I'm really looking forward to seeing it in Apex. I love the world of 59 Beads and I want to write more stories in it :)  It's also got a touch of sf in it...partly inspired by watching those makeover programs and then blending that in with the OFW experience. 



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