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links and other things

Nisi's  essay: Race, Again, Still is up at Strange Horizons along with the first part of her short story, Pataki.

Nisi's essay reminds me of a very recent experience where I experienced yet again, what it feels like to be treated like an artifact. This, simply by virtue of my appearance in tribal costume, which seemed to have convinced two ladies that even after I had changed into regular clothes, I was still in costume of some sort. And then, there were the probing questions which made me wonder if these were out of a desire to really know. Pair that with the "poor you" vibe these ladies were giving off and that makes for a very strange feeling. I may have grown up in the mountains, but I never imagined someone would consider them as being godforsaken or miserable.

via shweta_narayan  and kaolinfire : Genderbitch on Words and Offense. Excellent and true stuff.

And while this may be from 2009, the contents of this video still remain moving and true. United Nations on Transphobia and Homophobia.

Working on stories again. I sent out my March submission, a day later than I intended to--found a number of errors in the ms after I'd sent it and have resigned myself to getting the story back. But I shall make up for that by completing my April story and polishing up another one for submission. One of these days, I will have more time and energy to make my goal two stories a month.

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