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research post

Coming home has turned out to be a very interesting thing this time around. I think this is the first time I've returned home with a full sense of being a writer. In turn, this prompts me to engage in writerly things and to take advantage of the presence of family willing to take the littlest one off of my hands whenever they can.

Which means, I get to do research, go see places I need to see and come up with ideas as well as write real words instead of rambly stuff that goes nowhere. I also submitted two stories this week, which is a record where I am concerned.

I got to visit the National Library today and found a number of interesting books and publications which I've been looking for. The thing is, I can only copy so much and because I was scared of losing my beloved laptop, I left it at home. I sorely missed it at the library. I also managed to check my bag which contained my pen and my writing pad at the counter which was three stories down.

I copied what I could and took notes with my mobile phone instead. And that is excruciating considering the phone I was using wasn't one of those smart ones with a pop-up keyboard. I have one of those phones which are safe from being stolen mainly because theses cost a pittance compared to what's on the modern market right now. Hahaha.

I suppose I'll be going back to the National Library, but not before I go back up to Ifugao. My younger brother has found someone who's willing to teach me the Ifugao hudhud (an ifugao epic) and that makes me excited and happy. Time to brush up on my hapit.

I certainly won't make the mistake, this time, of saying Maphod a' nawit when I mean Maphod A' himpatangan. I am excited about my next visit up to the mountains as I've been told not only is there someone willing to teach me what I've longed to learn for the longest time, but materials have been found. Rare and out of publication materials. I don't know exactly what, but I am raring to read them. A visit to the Bayer museum is due as well. Otley Bayer is probably the one person who has written most extensively on the Ifugao culture. It's a pity that there are no more copies of the book he wrote. There is one copy left in Banaue and it is in the Bayer museum. So that's where I will go.

It's quite interesting to note that one of the important writers on Ifugao culture was an alumni of my elementary school. I have a very vague memory of him teaching at my school as well (note this was like many years ago), he was the practical arts teacher for the boys. I did know that he had written these books on Ifugao culture, but what I didn't know and what I now want to look for is a collection of short stories that he wrote himself. It's somewhere in the depths of the National Library. If I can't find copies of it in Banaue, I will go back to the NLP and turn it upside down until I find that copy. I would ask him personally, but sad to say he passed away. I'll have to see if I can find any of his family when I go back up.

( I have more thoughts, but my battery life is almost gone. Will post more before I go back up the mountains.)


Jun. 29th, 2011 03:11 pm (UTC)
Reading this I can almost feel the sparks flying off you! I hope you can track down that writer; how interesting that you went to the same school.

Good luck with all your research :-)

And with the submissions! (fingers crossed)

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