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How time flies. It's been more than a month since I last updated this journal. I've been very busy and twitter has been much easier to use as a means of keeping up. I will be posting new fiction on here soon though. In petto are the Wasden Effect and another short piece--both of these are my way of thanking my sponsors for the CW writeathon.

I've been reading for the Paul Harland Prize which is probably the oldest Dutch language competition for short stories in the sf/f genre. A lot of writers seem to confuse sf/f with horror, and I find myself stumped sometimes because some of the horror is quite good. I find myself reflecting on the appeal of horror as a genre. In the Philippines, for instance, horror is a genre that is doing really really well. It seems that the same is true over here.

I'll probably do a more extended post on that sometime soon. I have to go back and reread some stuff as I haven't come up with the number of stories that must be pushed on to the final stage.

In the meantime, my essay on Hunting for Stories in the Philippines has been published at the Weird Fiction Review as has my Bestiary story, The Liwat'ang Yawa, the Litok-litok and their Prey. There are lots of other wonderful things on the Weird Fiction Review, so if you have time, drop by.

Well, this is a post and run kind of thing, but I'll be back soon.

Also, don't forget to read Aliette de Bodard's essays on Cultural Appropriation and Engineering in SF (really good and insightful stuff). I love the Engineering piece because while I don't have lots of engineering in my fictions, it's something that sticks and which I'll remember.

corrective note: I've just been duly corrected. The Paul Harland Prize is not restricted to SF&F, it also includes horror. Which explains a lot to me and is also helpful for grading/ranking purposes.
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