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some kind of update

We've reached the end of the reading period for the Paul Harland Prize and after all the scores were added up, I was just ecstatic to find out that my top three stories landed in the top three spots and that these top three were also the same top three as my fellow-jurors.


I'm having to adjust certain things on my agenda. I had planned to be at Bristolcon and my membership is all paid for, but a family-related emergency has come up and I've lost all hope of making it this year. I emailed Joey Hall with my regrets and I feel really really bad about missing Bristolcon as I've been looking forward to going since Joey first blogged about it. I console myself with the thought that there is always a next year.


On the writing front: am I the only writer who gets all happy and excited when a story returns with a rejection? I'll admit I've been praying for this one story to return to me. I tried to forget all about it while we were in France, but when I returned home, I kept thinking of it and wishing I hadn't mailed it out because I really really wanted to do something more with it.

So when it came back, I actually cheered. Hahaha.

I'm a bit superstitious about unfinished stuff, so I won't talk about it until it's done. :D


I also have some nice lovely news, but I won't let out a peep about it because again I'm superstitious in certain ways. But I will certainly post and tweet and facebook about it soon. :D

Come to think of it, this isn't much of an update post, is it?
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