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and the update

Yes. I have been very bad about replying and updating on this journal. I have promised myself to try and update at least once or twice a month depending on what's going on.

The news I was talking about (which I've already tweeted about): I recently signed a contract with Strange Horizons to write regular non-fiction columns for them. I just sent off my first column and received good word on it, so I'm really really pleased about that. I have to say thank you to Niall Harrison for giving me this opportunity and to Rebecca Cross, non-fiction editor at Strange Horizons. :D

I've been looking through my old files--good heavens, did I write all those things? These are files that got transferred to the external drive when our old computer crashed and I never revisited the files because I was busy writing new things. And all the while, I thought I'd only written a bunch of stories. Hahaha. Apparently, I've written more than a bunch, they were just all in another place.

Anyway, I've been hard at work--tinkering away at my way outdated website and now it looks much fresher and also reads better. I'm not sure what else I can do to make it more appealing or easier to navigate. I do want to put together a free sampler (as per aliettedb's advice). Hah. My tech skills are being put to test here.

Almost forgot to post my website address: It's http://rcloenenruiz.com  (hehehe...I have a domain name now. How cool is that?)

In other news, fellow VD'er Gwen Ellery has written a romantic fun romp novella and she's offering it for free on Amazon.com. The title of the novella is Paris Brats and it's available here.

I was looking for an old story that had been published in Flash Me Magazine, but which I can't find anywhere on the web. I wanted to post that story on here for a free read, but it's kind of late now as the story is sort of all-soul's day themed and it's November 2nd. Also, I haven't found my copy of it yet. But I will--once I go through the external drive. I seem to have had a penchant for awarding stories file names that are not the end name of the story. Way to go, Rochita.

In the meantime, I came across this one which I may or may not have posted before, but if I have I'm posting it again because my kids love Star Wars and Darth Vader in particular.

Grandfather’s  Fight

Rochita Loenen-Ruiz


Grandfather moves through the house

on silent feet.

He is Shadow Ninja

on the prowl

his broomstick

is a trusty sword

and the shawl he wears

is his disguise.


Grandfather dances in the night

he evades searchlights

and sirens

with ease

he flings his cape across his shoulder


the national anthem out loud

and tells us

the fight for freedom

is not yet over.


Grandfather writes a letter to Darth Vader:


“Come if you dare,”

He writes.

“My sword is ready

I am eager for a fight.

Enclosed please find

my self-addressed

stamped envelope.”


Everyday, he checks the mailbox.

He complains

he has been robbed.


Darth Vader



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