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things that have happened and my first Strange Horizons column

Have been offline as our modem broke and it took a while for our server to help us. Being incommunicado heightened the claustrophia as our phone line is attached to the modem as well and if that's broken we have no way of calling out or being called. Added to all that, I contracted the flu and was down for a good number of days. Can I say argh.

Thankfully, we're no longer cut-off from the world and the flu has receded. I'm left with the residue: an irritating cough and the sniffles. I can go out though and I can get online. :D Yay.

Being offline did mean that I had more time to write--plus I had nothing else to do in the moments when I felt somewhat lucid. So, I finally got around to finishing the Artifact story. 8000+ words. One of the longest short stories I've ever finished and been happy with.

The amazing aliettedb sent me her thoughts on it and I'm going to do a very quick brush-up and its off to the antho it's meant for. *fingers crossed*  I did miss the Crossed Genres deadline for the Winterwell theme. Something I really really wanted to send something to. Unfortunately, the story I was working on for that decided to go evil on me and it's turning into a monster of a story. Er...not saying it's a novel until it passes the upper word count for novella.

Came online to some really wonderful stuff. Woot. Lavie Tidhar's Osama won the World Fantasy Award for best novel, The Weird compendium by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer won the World Fantasy Award for best anthology and Ken Liu's Paper Menagerie won in the short story category. It surely does rock when people you know and whose work you love and respect win the big ones. :D  Yay.

I also found out that Strange Horizons made their fundraising goal. Something I was thinking about before our modem went bonkers on us. I am very pleased they made it because Strange Horizons is one of the few professional publications that really goes out of its way to encourage diverse work.

Also, because I can sometimes be so out of it...I want to say thanks again to Aliette for pointing out that my first column has been published. I called the column Movements because well...I rather like the musical idea behind it: presenting a theme, variations on a theme, the aba, abbca, abca...you know what I mean...the way themes come and go and return in music. Also because movements has another meaning pertaining to revolutions which I'm rather obsessed about at the moment. <G>

My first Movements column is titled, Identity and Indigenous Thought. Yes...I am kind of nervous about what people will think of it. It's also something that I feel needs to be said. And yes, I am working on the next column already. <G>

If you have time to drop by and read, I'd love to know what you thought of it.

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