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It seems that there is no end to busyness, but I thought I should update this journal as things do happen. Maybe in a year or so I'll be able to keep a more regular journal.

First off: 59 Beads has been reprinted in ISF #1 and is now free to download. There are some interesting reviews of the issue available through the site. I'm happy to see this story reprinted here. Here's the download link, in case you're interested. I share the TOC with Joyce Chng and Marian Truta.

I'm now in the process of rounding up a roundtable discussion (it's in English and will be published online) with some of the writers and publishers of Dutch-languaged SFF. The discussion has been quite interesting and thought-provoking. Martijn Lindeboom who organizes the Paul Harland Prize put out a questionnaire that was put together with the help of Boukje Balder who is one of the major judges for the PHP. The questionnaire seems to have raised quite a good deal of interest and it will be interesting to see what the results are.

Aside from this work, I've been commissioned to put out a newsletter for the organization I volunteer for and for which I am now Secretary of the Board. Our organization has been chosen as recipient for the Banaag award for the 2012 Presidential Awards for Filipino Individuals and Filipino Organizations Abroad. While we can't all go home to receive this award from the President himself, two of the founding members of the organization will be going and my parents are going to be present at the awarding ceremony which will be held at the Malacanang Palace. (What a thrill for my mom.)

We put a lot of work into this and I spent a lot of weeks intensively engaged in translating documents, newspaper clippings, interviews, features from magazines, and other paperwork from Dutch into English. Phew...at the end of that, I was truly drained. On the plus side, I now know a lot more about the work the organization has done since its establishment 20 years ago. The amount of advocacy work, the lobbying for rights, the mediations, the interventions--I'm sure if we did a case by case study, it would have even been more intense.

But I'm glad we were chosen for this award as it's long overdue. We didn't even know of it until we were told that we'd been nominated for it and this was the paperwork they needed. Of course, everything we have is in Dutch--hence the huge amount of translation that needed to be done in a short time.

In the course of the week, I received word that two of my pieces are being picked up by Our Own Voice. I was so excited, I did a happy dance. :D Days later, I'm still smiling about it. The pieces they picked up were an essay I wrote on the adoption of third world babies and something I called a fractured fiction. I wrote this story sometime ago when I was wrestling with the distance between myself and my husband and how there didn't seem to be any way at that time to bridge it. I tried revising the story, but it seemed to work best in its fractured state. There are no neat resolutions--nothing gets solved and in a certain way, it's more like a poem than a story. I've been told it goes live sometime in December...

While trawling through my twitter feed I came across this article from the Guardian which I really liked and I thought I'd share it in case you hadn't read it yet. I hope you enjoy reading:  Endless Fascination: in praise of novels without neat conclusions.
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