January 6th, 2013


first post of the new year

2013 is 6 days old and here I am, updating this sadly neglected journal. 2012 was quite a year, marking the resumption of getting new work out there.

It's still a pretty surreal feeling to see Song of the Body Cartographer on the recommended list for the BSFA awards. It does give me a kick to see Philippine Genre Stories as the only non-US/non-UK publication on there. http://www.bsfa.co.uk/bsfa-award-nominations-another-update/

I commented on it on twitter and the resulting discussion on membership, nominations, awards and how this all works was very enlightening. I made a comment as to how I couldn't help but think of the economics of nominations/memberships. I had been thinking of signing up for BSFA membership, but there's quite a difference between fees for UK residents and non-UK residents. The difference in fees has to do with the cost of sending things in the mail--perhaps offering an e-pub option to non-UK residents would push the cost down? Ian Sales speculated on that point and it will be interesting to see if costs do get pushed down if Vector goes electronic.

What I couldn't help thinking about was how much 40 pounds would be in say: Philippine pesos. It may not seem like much to people who work/live in the UK, the US and the EU, but a fan in Asia would probably choose to spend that amount on groceries or basic necessities. (The pound is still one of the strongest currencies out there and the exchange is huge: one pound=sixtysix pesos, figure out how much 40 pounds is.)

Of course, we can argue that the BSFA is really for British fans and whether fans in Asia can sign up for membership or not isn't something they should be worrying about. But we keep on talking about diversity and inclusivity--we want to be inclusive, we want the genre to be more diverse and when I look at it in this way, I can't help but think of how economics plays a role in these things.

I'm still thinking about inclusivity and diversity. But I'm hella thankful to you who nominated Song of the Body Cartographer--to me, seeing Philippine Genre Stories listed is like a fistpump in the air.  :)